Trying My Hand at Motocross…Photography

The keen observer will notice that all pictures in this article feature the same rider. That is because I do not want to publish pictures of people I do not know. The rider shown is my friend Braxton who asked me to ride along with him to the unfortunately named (in my opinion as an Alabama fan) War Eagle Motocross Park.

IMG_8523This was the first real action photography I have done since summer 2016 when I worked at a short paved oval track. I quickly learned that my 30mm prime lens was not the best tool for the job, as it was difficult to focus on the bikes at a distance of roughly 15 feet. My best course of action was to just take as many pictures as possible and keep the ones that were properly focused.


Saturday Morning, 6:15 AM, My Apartment

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and took a second to realize what was going on. Was I really about to get up earlier than I do for work? The answer was yes, and I gathered my camera gear and got in my car to drive to Birmingham to meet Braxton.

Saturday Morning, 8:00 AM, Birmingham, AL

I arrived at Braxton’s house and helped him get a few things together. Next, we loaded his Kawasaki 250 onto a trailer. We hooked up the trailer to a JK Wrangler Unlimited with a six-speed manual and headed south on I-65 after picking up some Chick-Fil-A breakfast.

Saturday Morning, 11:00 AM, Auburn, AL

There was a surprising amount of snow left on the ground in the Montgomery area. The clouds were burning off as we got to the motocross park, and I snapped a couple shots of the bike before it got covered in East Alabama red clay.

IMG_8407        IMG_8414

Once the sun came out, it was game on and I spent the next few hours snapping pictures at several different vantage points around the track, including a tabletop jump big enough to park a tractor trailer.

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Saturday Afternoon, 3:30 PM, Auburn, AL

After a day full of shooting action shots, which are admittedly not my area of expertise, I clicked off a few stills to end the day. I had to include the Jeep.

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If you happened to be at War Eagle Motocross on January 20, 2018, or you just want to see more shots from that day, leave a comment or contact me. I have a lot more pictures.

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